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Most images and sound recordings by Mike Kerry except:

Cuckoo image: by adb0806 of iNaturalist CC-BY-ND

Collared Dove image: by Heather Paul of iNaturalist CC-BY-ND

Buzzard audio by Benboncan of CC-BY-3.0

Red Kite audio by Kees Vanger, YouTube

Small Blue Butterfly image by Speedy of iNaturalist CC-BY-NC

Swift audio by Dobroide of CC-BY-NC

Black Headed Gull audio by ERH of Freesound CC-BY-NC

Curlew audio by Benboncan of Freesound CC-BY-NC

Andrena florea image by Paul Kitchener

Other images and sounds from public YouTube videos

The rising and falling beep sounds, were derived from the beep of a Tree Frog recorded in France many years ago

Quizzes programmed by Mike Kerry March-May 2020